Providing human judgement @ superhuman scale

Combining AI and big data with traditional research methods

Madano Insights is a fully integrated team driven by social science, data science and AI analytics. We're people plus machines, working to understand and drive behaviour change.

We blend AI with traditional research methods to increase the efficiency of approaches and enhance the impact of our insights.

We also support clients to engage with new technology in ways that are measured and impactful, providing guidance on the use of AI and analytics to help them extract maximum insight from their own data.

Our bespoke and robust solutions provide unique insights and crystal clarity to create powerful communications.

Our value to clients

Using a trusted insights cycle, we deliver foundational research to drive strategic decision making, tactical insights to optimise communication, and evaluative programmes to demonstrate impact and value.


Generating foundational insights to help clients grow their businesses and brands through effective go-to-market strategies, audience identification and prioritisation, and competitive differentiation.


Developing great content and creative to reach the right audiences, wherever they’re at in their journey and whatever channels they prefer – ensuring they’re engaged, and our efforts are effective.


Defining, measuring and tracking success to help demonstrate impact; effectively visualising data and results, and optimising work to drive continuous improvement.

Throughout this end-to-end journey, our services to clients include

  • Omnichannel strategy
  • Real World Evidence
  • Digital ethnography
  • Qualitative and quantitative primary research
  • Advanced social and media analytics
  • Influencer and stakeholder mapping
  • Programme measurement and evaluation
  • Data visualisation and dashboards
  • Narrative development and testing
  • Content and message testing
  • Campaign concept testing

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