Net-Zero Transition

Communicating innovation that changes the world

Communicating innovation that changes the world

Our clients’ ground-breaking technologies are changing the world. 

From advanced nuclear, to carbon capture and storage, to the new hydrogen economy, their innovations are shaping the future and changing people's lives for the better. We’re proud to help tell our clients’ stories and grow their businesses – in the UK and overseas.

Communicating innovation that changes the world

What we do

We deliver best-in-class digital, media and government relations expertise for companies and entities operating in the UK’s growing transition economy.

Our services include: 

Public relations

Our creative story-telling and expert media relations enable our clients to reach the widest possible audiences

Government relations

We use our years of expertise working with and in government to leverage funding, influence policy and deliver political change, helping our clients meet their objectives

Crisis communications

Our experienced team of communications professionals can advise on a range of communications challenges, whenever our clients need them

Madano Election Hub

Madano's take on key political events in the lead up to the next UK General Election.

Rishi Sunak Keir Starmer

What to expect from this year's Labour Party Conference

5th October 2023

As the Conservative Party Conference comes to a close, all eyes are moving to Labour as we head into the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

What to expect from this year's Conservative Party Conference

27th September 2023

All eyes are on the Tories as we head into the Conservative Party Conference for what will likely be the final conference season before the General Election.

Sunak gambles with net-zero

31st July 2023

The Prime Minister sets out a new-found political clarity that his Government will be more openly pro-consumer, and less firmly wedded to strict net-zero targets.

July by-elections and the role of, and impact on, the net zero debate

21st July 2023

The by-election results demonstrate the mountain the Conservative Party has to climb if it is to persuade the electorate to give it another term.

Labour's Energy Strategy: our five takeaways

27th June 2023

The key takeaways from Keir Starmer's announcement of plans to “make the UK a clean energy superpower”.

Local elections 2023: our three big takeaways

9th May 2023

The key takeaways on what the local results mean for politics, the government’s priorities, and net zero.

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