Net-Zero Transition Case Studies

Hydrogen UK: Securing hydrogen’s pivotal role in the net zero future

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Madano and consultancy partner, Gemserv identified that the case for hydrogen as an essential part of the energy mix was not being co-ordinated at the highest level. Madano and Gemserv therefore worked to assemble a coalition of several high-profile firms in the hydrogen value chain to create a joined-up, national approach for promoting hydrogen’s role to Government and achieving a step change in UK hydrogen policy.


Over several months in 2019 we established the Taskforce, which now includes Arup, Baxi, BOC Linde, BNP Paribas and Arval, BP, Cadent, DBD, ITM Power, Northern Gas Networks, SGN, Shell and Storengy. When we launched the Taskforce officially in Parliament in March 2020, we highlighted five major policy recommendations for Government. The launch was attended by the Minister of State for BEIS, as well as civil servants, politicians and industry leaders. Hydrogen Taskforce has subsequently evolved into Hydrogen UK, continuing to grow in members and influence year upon year.​


Hydrogen UK is recognised by Government as a partner for the delivery of hydrogen in the UK. Working closely with the UK Government, the Taskforce is delivering its vision of hydrogen as an integral pillar of the UK’s decarbonisation agenda and has published a report entitled ‘The Role of Hydrogen in Delivering Net Zero’. ​