We communicate science with passion

We communicate science with passion

To make an impact in today’s crowded healthcare environment, telling a clear and distinctive story is key.

We help our healthcare clients bring products, services and propositions to life, turning complex concepts into simple and compelling messages.

As you’d expect, we’re strong on the science. But we also provide creative flare and strategic know-how, delivering programmes built on unique ideas and insights. It’s a combination that leads to measurable and meaningful outcomes.

What sets us apart is our enthusiasm, our authenticity and our professional and personal approach. We’re a team that you will enjoy working with. 

Madano is proud to be #14 on the PR Week UK rankings for healthcare communications. 

#14 PR Week
We communicate science with passion

Our value to clients

We deliver healthcare communications that matter, devising intelligent and targeted solutions to help clients realise their ambitions.

Our services include:

  • Strategic communications and brand planning
  • Scientific data communications
  • Narrative and message development
  • Medical strategy, planning and engagement
  • Congress content and activities
  • Omnichannel strategy
  • Media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Disease awareness campaigns
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement

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