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Novo Nordisk: Delivering real-time metrics to drive scientific communications strategy

Novo Nordisk is global healthcare company, founded in Denmark in 1923. Its mission is to help defeat diabetes and other chronic diseases such as obesity, growth disorders, haemophilia and more. Today, Novo Nordisk markets its products in 170 countries and employs 50,000 people around the world.


The landscape for disseminating scientific information is changing rapidly. In this context, Novo Nordisk wanted to better understand the impact of its scientific publications to improve strategic planning and maximise reach and engagement.


To address this challenge, Madano developed an original and bespoke approach to collecting, weighting and visualising data on the impact of scientific publications. The BEAM dashboard collects data every day on reach and engagement to compare the performance of Novo Nordisk articles to competitor articles of a similar type and age, using a single impact score.


BEAM has transformed the way Novo Nordisk thinks about success for scientific publications. Tailored to Novo Nordisk’s priorities, it provides like-for-like article evaluation to help demonstrate the real value of each scientific publication. These insights have provided strategic direction across four therapy areas, delivering clear guidance on topics, journals, authors, and extenders that can help achieve overall strategic objectives with Novo Nordisk’s target audiences.

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