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The Download - May 13, 2022

The Download- May 13, 2022

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What’s Trending?

  1. Meta is hoping to drive publishers to use short-form videos for news content

Meta has made a range of changes to where they are looking to invest and promote content to compete with other growing social platforms. Now, the announcement of Meta discontinuing their Podcast program to “focus on the most meaningful experiences” looks to be pointing in the direction of short videos.

Meta has been extending partnerships with news organisations, by offering grants and a dedicated ‘News’ tab, in return for content to keep users engaged. We’ve seen short videos have renewed success on other platforms with ‘Reels’, and it looks like Meta will keep rewarding organisations who follow the trend.

  1. “Twitter Circle” launches to allow for more discreet tweets

Twitter Circle will allow users to create their selected audience of contacts through what is essentially, a private group chat.

As of now, users can add up to 150 people to their Circle, with any tweets visible to those who are included in the group. Members in the Circle will know that their tweets are received to only those included in the circle with a green indicator attached to each tweet.

This new feature seems to compliment the purpose behind Twitter’s ‘Communities’, which enables users to create segmented audiences for sharing specific, niche content with, instead of broadcasting to everyone on the platform. Both ‘Circle’ and ‘Communities’ aim to help users identify their specific audiences to create meaningful discussions that everyone involved would be interested in.

  1. LinkedIn to ‘crack down’ on posts and content that annoy users

LinkedIn is taking a stand against ‘engagement bait’ posts, by making it harder for these posts to move up the home feed based on changes to the algorithm.

So, what is changing? Basically, LinkedIn will demote posts that:

  • Explicitly ask users to engage with through reactions, liking and commenting. An example is asking users to use an emoji to respond to a question
  • Use polls, after users complained that there are too many on their feeds
  • Contain political content deemed by LinkedIn- although this feature is only in the US now

Also, in hopes of reducing the number of notifications users receive, LinkedIn will be limiting the updates you see from your network, like posts a connection has liked or commented on.

Insight of the Week

4. Reddit ads may be a huge opportunity for marketers looking to target specific audiences, build brand loyalty and engage with community. According to Reddit, 47% of users agree that Reddit ads are more relevant to the specific topics they were browsing on the site. Discover more of Reddit’s ad options here.

Event Highlight

5. LinkedIn’s [in]novate: How to win at content marketing. Learn more details and register here. Join this webinar hosted by Rand Fishkin, Founder and CEO of Sparktoro and Purna Virji, Senior Content Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn to gain insights on creating and positioning content your audience will understand and engage with.

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