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The Download - June 24, 2022

What’s Trending?

1. Twitter’s new ‘Campaign Planner’ helps advertisers estimate results before launching

The launch of Campaign Planner helps marketers who use Twitter Ads help gauge KPIs like reach, impressions, frequency and more within your campaign’s budget to help forecast results. The feature is only available in the UK, US and Japan with a minimum spend of $1000 per campaign.

2. LinkedIn rolls out new ‘Funny’ reaction

In addition to the six other emoji responses, including ‘Insightful’ and ‘Celebrate,’ LinkedIn has added the ‘Funny’ emoji to express laughter and humour for posts.

The reaction seems out of place for posts within a professional context, but points to current trends of LinkedIn seeing increasing levels of engagement growth and interactions. According to LinkedIn, the ‘funny’ emoji’s recommended use includes sharing inside jokes and humour that shows vulnerability.

Whether you agree with the development or not, the update is the result of popular requests from LinkedIn members to create more off-topic conversations.

3. Instagram testing In-feed posts feature that resembles TikTok

You may have already seen Instagram’s changes while scrolling through your feed, like the full-screen main-feed images and videos that TikTok is known for.

Even Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, pointed out the change, as Instagram Reels’ popularity continues to rise with over 20 percent of time on Instagram spent in the Reels-designated feed.

The updates follow the ongoing influence of TikTok on other Meta-owned platforms, like Facebook.

4. Meta continues to make big steps towards a digital world with ‘Meta Pay’ and NFT options

It is no surprise that Meta is putting their focus on the Metaverse- and the company has now introduced new digital payment options to help create a “new wallet” for the virtual world. The idea of “Meta Pay” sets the stage for creating and buying digital items that go beyond one platform but apply to the countless Metaverses of the future.

5. Should My Business be on TikTok?

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