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Madano launches kiite

Key Influencer Insight, Targeting and Engagement’ from Madano on Vimeo.

Kiite: Key Influencer Insight, Targeting and Engagement

Madano has created an innovative new approach to identifying and targeting influencers and other key stakeholders. Our kiite methodology combines web-harvesting techniques, advanced analytics, machine learning and visual mapping technology; enabling us to deliver quicker, more objective and more strategic insight.

Working closely with our clients we identify the most important metrics – including reach, relevance, and connectivity. The outputs support strategic thinking and efficient resource allocation for engaging influencers, can inform the development of advisory boards or conference line-ups, identify rising stars and quiet connectors.

The Kiite Interactive Dashboard

Our in-house digital team have developed an interactive web tool for understanding and mapping influencers – the kiite dashboard. It maximises the value of our insights through bringing the landscape to life, and allowing teams to explore and understand influencers in an engaging way.

Want to learn more? Contact Madano’s Jon Oldershaw, Director, Insights & Intelligence – for more information.