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Peabody: Benchmarking the corporate reputation of a venerable London housing association


When Peabody, one of London’s oldest and largest housing associations, merged with Family Mosaic, the newly formed organisation wanted to ensure it had an accurate view of what key stakeholders regarded as the best of both housing associations. While each company had previous measures of its reputation, the new organisation required one set of baseline measures for future reputation tracking.


Core to our strategy was Madano’s Rep360 brand tracker. Madano used this to design a guide which gathered qualitative insights and scores against brand statements. Analysis of 41 telephone interviews provided Peabody with a holistic view of where to maintain and improve its communications.


Results are integral to planning Peabody’s communications strategy, from the language used in the business plan to key actions, such as rebooting the local stakeholder engagement team at Peabody. The results were disseminated widely at Peabody, with Madano presenting to the Comms team, the Exec team, and the Board and external advisory group.