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Nuclear Risk Insurers: Delivering an innovative Annual Review

Nuclear Risk Insurers (NRI) is one of the leading nuclear insurers, established in 1956 to help protect society in the extremely rare event of a nuclear incident. NRI acts as the UK insurance market's underwriting agent for nuclear insurance and is part of a global nuclear insurance pooling system, working with partners to diversify risk.

Madano has helped produce NRI’s Corporate Report, detailing NRI’s activities and perspectives on global nuclear activities and events in the year prior. This year, the civil nuclear industry has experienced major changes such as the invasion in Ukraine and the increased focus on its role in combating climate change and providing energy security. We approached this report with a new perspective and design to reach audiences online.

Madano worked with NRI to identify themes for the report which engage nuclear industry audiences and create excitement around the ‘nuclear renaissance’ which has been observed through an increase in energy policies supporting nuclear energy. Madano recommended the content chapters, structure and design of the report for an easy way to share and digest the review.

Considering the themes and content, we recommended a re-brand of the report to an ‘annual review’ to refresh prior years’ content. Lastly, the design of the review was to be as interactive as flipping through a physical copy, innovative enough to capture all audiences and carbon-neutral.

Therefore, our approach was to incorporate the content in a ‘flipbook’ – or a virtual magazine-like file which gives the user a unique experience, departing away from a classic PDF-style report.

The Annual Review 2023
The Annual Review 2023

The Annual Review helped continue to profile NRI as an innovative leader in the nuclear insurance industry with a new approach to delivering thought leadership and connecting other industry leaders like the World Nuclear Association and Great British Nuclear. The review received exceedingly positive feedback from key industry stakeholders, helping NRI’s status on a global level.

Compared to the Corporate Report in 2022, the 2023 Annual Review received over 25% more views and 53% more downloads in its’ first month since launching.

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