Written by Michael Evans, Managing Partner

Two weeks ago Madano held its annual away day. This year’s event was a little different in that the theme for the day was Collective Responsibility. Collective Responsibility can mean many things but for us as a company we wanted to get back to basics in terms of supporting each other in the business – but also recognising that we are in a quite privileged position and we should actively look to support others outside of Madano when we can.

Working with O3e who helped organise the event, we decided to support a charity called Jigsaw4U – a brilliant children’s charity based in the South West of London that supports children and young people affected by significant social and emotional issues and bereavement. As part of this, six teams from Madano were tasked with building bikes for kids nominated for the charity – it was very humbling to hear the kids stories and their backgrounds and realise something that we may take for granted such as a bike would have such an impact on their lives.

Obviously doing something for charity as a business is nothing new – and that’s not the point of this point – nor is it to show we are a nice organization but more that businesses have a collective responsibility to do more than just make money – whether its community work, supporting charities, sponsorship, or just helping with people’s wellbeing – these are the right things to do and we shouldn’t forget that.

To find out more about Jigsaw4U and O3e here – https://www.jigsaw4u.org.uk/and https://www.o3e.co.uk/

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