Web Summit 2019 is fast approaching and we can’t wait to get to Lisbon and witness the city’s reputation as a hub for thriving tech companies. There will be hundreds of innovative startups exhibiting, but here’s five companies who have already caught our eye.

1) Arbe Robotics

If autonomous vehicles are going to become a reality, then we’ll need tracking technology that is spatially aware, reactive and protects the surrounding environment. Arbe’s messaging is simple – its imaging radar aims to transform road safety and be the answer to helping deliver autonomous vehicles on our roads.

2) Swvl

Regardless of how technology transforms our lives, getting from A-to-B as quickly and as efficiently as possible will remain a human bugbear. Swvl is one start-up hoping to alleviate the stress, cut cost and reduce the time it takes to get places. Its app connects commuters with private minibuses in a bid to free up space on our roads. It’s currently used in Egypt but could Swvl one day rival TfL?

3) Bondlayer

If you work in coding then Bondlayer may be able to help you streamline process and cut down build time. This technology enables app builders and web designers develop native apps and user friendly websites within the platform. We’re keen to see whether this offers a better drag and drop approach than market incumbents.


Drones are the future right? We’ve heard about the likes of Amazon trialling drone delivery but Manna aim to make 3 minute food delivery a reality and yes, you did read that right. We haven’t seen it in action yet but the concept has caught our attention.

5) Shleep

The media regularly tells us that we need to get more sleep to function at our best but how is that always possible when there’s so little time? Schleep looks to answer these problems by getting under the skin of businesses and setting behavioural change exercises. Who wouldn’t want their organisation to adopt a sleep programme?

If you’re attending the Web Summit and have a communications challenge, we’d love to talk to you. Please contact Dominic Weeks to arrange a time to meet. See you soon, Lisbon!

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