Written by Sarah Park, Head of Investment, Development and Regeneration at Madano.

I don’t think anyone would argue the importance of building beautiful. The industry debate about the impact of our environment on how we feel is not new. Society might not associate space and design directly with health and wellbeing, but they know that looking at areas that are visually appealing makes them feel better than staring at rows of grey, homogenous blocks.

Whether you agree with the authors of Build Beautiful, the collection of essays published by Policy Exchange last week, or the sentiment of last year’s Building More Building Beautiful report, the central theme of both of highlighting the importance of raising the standard of new homes and places across the country, is something we should all champion.

Today, the design, function and safety of our buildings are under scrutiny. With society’s continued scepticism of developers, development and regeneration, those brands that have a purpose and aim to make a difference are often instead tarnished by a long-standing, negative perception of the wider industry. Meanwhile, household brands Amazon and Google are busy exploring or investing in companies that build prefabricated homes.

From a communications point of view, it is more crucial than ever that businesses across the built environment turn their narrative towards society and share with it their ethos and ambitions to build beautiful, sustainable places and spaces. Not just to achieve planning permission or sell flats and a lifestyle, but because they share a vision to develop structures and spaces that are socially cohesive, enrich lives and are safe to live in.

These are visions often discussed, but the Industry has a habit of talking to itself. This theme has been reiterated across numerous London property events, that the industry must engage society, speak to people, communicate its ambitions to create beautiful sustainable spaces for people to live and work in.

Those industry brands that genuinely want to deliver on this sentiment are doing themselves a disservice by not talking to their end-user audiences and building a reputation for their ambition to develop for the greater good.

Our investment, development and regeneration (IDR) team provides strategic communications for companies across every stage of the property lifecycle; from real estate investment and advisory, through to design, construction, development and management.

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