HTC: Increasing customer acquisition and loyalty online.

Madano services:

Digital Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing, Creative, Messaging , Social Media Advertising

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Madano was tasked with helping long-term client HTC to grow membership of its private e-commerce store (HTC Club) by over 20 per cent in a six-month period. The smartphone and virtual reality giant needed to create clearer customer journeys and build a more engaging owned marketing/CRM campaign. Amidst challenging market conditions, it was critical to increase HTC Club membership and improve communications with members in order to protect smartphone and grow virtual reality (VIVE) revenue.


Madano’s digital communications specialists developed a comprehensive strategy to drive more sign-ups, retain users and align better with sales objectives. We used owned channels (Blinkfeed, email, push notification), organic social and paid social ads to target new prospects and increase sign-ups. The team linked data from the company’s e-commerce platform and Facebook to HTC’s MailChimp platform in order to create better targeting opportunities, as well as reimagining creative to deliver compelling visual content to customers and prospects. 


The Madano team increased HTC Club membership by 259% over a six-month period, vastly exceeding the initial goal, and achieved a membership of over 100,000 in Europe alone. The measures implemented also established new segmentation and a clearer understanding of customer journeys to fuel further growth in sales and Club membership. Over 25 per cent of new handset sales over the period went to HTC Club members.

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