Roche: Discovering current policy priorities, influencers and mechanisms for change to support the launch of an innovative new ophthalmologic treatment. 

Madano services:

Policy Landscape Analysis, Topic Mapping

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Roche is in the early stages of developing an ophthalmology treatment and wishes to affect the global policy landscape so that, when the therapy is ready to launch, it is accessible to as many patients as possible.


Starting with priority markets, our first step was to use our proprietary stakeholder mapping tool, KIITE, to visualise the global network of key policy influencers in order to build a coalition which could guide decision makers into making necessary legislative change. We then supplemented this with an external landscape review of existing policy agendas and work that Roche could leverage, and internal knowledge of Roche affiliates to understand the readiness for change in respective markets.


We developed a global policy strategy and tactical plan pinpointing the individuals to engage with, and how best to maximise their influence and create a universal policy vision that would motivate ophthalmology professionals, patients and policy makers alike.

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