Roche: Using deep patient insights to combat a lack of disease awareness that leads to worse patient outcomes.

Madano services:

Digital Ethnography, Archetype Creation

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Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is often left undiagnosed and untreated due to a lack of knowledge and awareness among both doctors and patients. If identified early, quality of life for patients can be greatly improved and prolonged.

Our client needed rich insight into:

  • How different patients experience and respond to the disease
  • Digital influencers who could amplify our client’s message and reach more patients
  • Messaging concepts that would resonate and get more patients into treatment


Using our proprietary B3 method, we carried out digital ethnography across the EU5 and Canada to develop belief-based archetypes of patients and caregivers.

We then mapped the digital influencer landscape across the same markets, using our proprietary mapping tool, KIITE.

Finally, we tested messaging concepts with patients and caregivers through qualitative interviews in two key markets.


We identified a thread that united five patient and three caregiver archetypes in order to inform broad messaging concepts, as well as variations for different archetypes.

A content strategy messaging framework was developed, detailing resonant concepts, messages and recommended platforms for A-B testing across all and individual archetypes.

Ultimately a redefined strategic narrative to patients and caregivers aiming to balance hope and reality.

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