Roche: Creating a tailored and motivational internal communications campaign to generate ’buzz’ around the #TAg platform and encourage collaboration amongst teams.

Madano services:

Brand Creation, Design, Campaign Development

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Against an environment of internal change and uncertainty, Roche payer, regulatory and access teams sought to roll out their documentation collaboration tool – #TAg – internally and drive awareness of the value of collaboration among these audiences.


We used engaging communications, including an animation, video clip ‘endorsements’ by senior staff and mentions on Roche platforms, to create positive dialogue globally. Additionally, a variety of training opportunities (including user manuals and an interactive treasure hunt competition) promoted the take-up and functionality of #TAg. These activities culminated in a final launch event in late 2017.


High campaign engagement drove awareness and the use of #TAg (240 training participants; 80 treasure hunt participants; 956 licences distributed; 756 documents uploaded). There were nine mentions across Roche platforms and 95 stakeholders attended the launch event. #TAg was submitted to EUnetHTA (to build the external presence of #TAg). The results of a satisfaction survey showed that 70% of users found the tool easy to use and thought it provided an everyday functionality benefit.

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