AT Society: Daring a charity to extend its brand further to engage and communicate more efficiently to key stakeholders and general public

Madano services:

Brand creation, design, corporate communications, stakeholder engagement strategy

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The Ataxia-Telangiectasia Society (AT) contacted Madano in 2019 with the complex request of updating and refreshing its brand and communications with the medical research community, as well as helping to support fundraising and engagement drives aimed at the general public.


We worked with the AT society to develop a compelling proposition, identity, brand and content plan to communicate the purpose, mission and vision of the brand. By refreshing and simplifying their corporate identity to make it more engaging and accessible, we ensured the brand was no longer an accessory but an integral part of the messaging campaign.


We updated the AT Society’s brand guidelines in line with the new initiative, which was rolled out company-wide. The new branding was met with enthusiasm from internal stakeholders and has allowed us to grow our partnership with the AT Society. We continue to work with the AT Society in its efforts to raise awareness of the disease among its scientific community, as well as its fundraising drives with the general public.

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