NIA: Ensuring the case for low-carbon nuclear power, alongside renewables, is cemented in the public consciousness.

‘Rediscover Nuclear’: Reinvigorating debate around nuclear’s role in the UK’s clean energy future: The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA)  

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The NIA approached Madano to develop an impactful campaign that made the case for nuclear power as a major contributor to the economyjobs, net zero and energy security. The campaign, entitled ‘Rediscover Nuclear’, communicated with key decision makers, opinion formers and the public through ingenious storytelling, compelling imagery and dynamic social media tactics. 


Through a dedicated web hub, we created absorbing audio-visual content, employed proactive social media tactics and mobilised expert stakeholders to engage both the nuclear community and wider public. Madano based the campaign on three key messages: nuclear’s role in net zero, its contribution to the UK’s prosperity and its impact as part of a low-carbon energy mix. 


The campaign exponentially increased the NIA’s online profile and grew its social media platforms’ following by 60%. The campaign succeeded in pressing for nuclear’s inclusion in the major political parties’ manifestos ahead of the 2019 General Election and received coverage in The Daily TelegraphWired and BBC News. 

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