Meet the team.

Joshua Ayodele

Senior Account Executive


Joshua is a Senior Account Executive who provides day-to-day support to clients across both the technology and energy sectors. He has a particular focus on developing communication strategies to help engage stakeholders around change and regeneration projects. His work has involved guiding clients across growing markets, such as artificial intelligence, privacy and mobile connectivity.

His ability to quickly build a strong awareness of the ideal channels that align with the needs of his clients and stakeholders alike have proven to be a key value add on sensitive projects.

Joshua has acquired valuable expertise working within the corporate communications and public affairs domain for global firms, such as Edelman and FTI Consulting. He has also worked in the Parliamentary office of Dawn Butler MP, helping deliver political campaigns in addition to managing casework operations for her constituents.

Joshua is also heavily engaged in local politics and currently acts as the regional youth delegate and membership officer for the Labour Party in his local constituency.

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: +44 (0)20 7593 4013

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