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The Orange Paper: Omnichannel

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Omnichannel: Cutting through the clutter

Healthcare providers (HCPs) have slowly but surely been exploring digital channels for a long time, but the COVID-19 pandemic fast tracked this process and the move from in-person to digital became a necessity. Since then, many HCPs have recognised the benefits, and the digitisation of healthcare has gone from being seen as a short-term fix to a long-term solution.

However, this fast-paced turnaround means the market has very quickly become noisy and crowded and the wires to understanding and meeting the needs of the end user have become crossed. Enter omnichannel.

An omnichannel strategy in healthcare communications prioritises quality over quantity, cuts through the clutter and puts the user first.

Madano's first paper provides a strong foundational understanding of omnichannel strategy, including:

  • Definition of omnichannel and its value in healthcare communications.
  • Key steps to successful omnichannel deployment.
  • The impacts of an omnichannel approach.
  • Building an omnichannel mindset within your team.

At Madano, we use our healthcare communications and insights capabilities to guide clients through the omnichannel journey, from audience understanding to strategy development and implementation, using the right tools at the right time. 

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