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The Orange Paper: Net-zero hero

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Energising our future: Green growth and Labour’s first 100 days in government

The Labour Party has pledged to make Britain a “clean energy superpower”, with six high level ambitions, from planning reform, to the much talked about GB Energy. And with Labour expected to claim victory at the general election on 4th July, what it does could have a major impact on net-zero policy for years to come.

But while they’ve talked a good game, the detail is thin, including in Labour’s recently launched manifesto.

Madano’s latest Orange Paper sets out a strategic policy and communications blueprint for the party’s first 100 days in order to make the net-zero transition happen, and put real meat on the bones around Labour’s ambitions.

We propose pragmatic policy changes focussing on energy reform, housing, job creation, and infrastructure investment and address the communications challenges faced in gaining public support.

The impacts of climate change are not imminent. They’re happening. The UK government needs to move fast on its net-zero pledges and foster green growth, fast.

This is how they can do it.

Sir Keir, Ed: you’re welcome.

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