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The Download - May 27, 2022

The Download- May 27, 2022

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What’s Trending?

1. Reddit partners with “Love Island”, allowing fans to interact with the show through their online community

Love Island’s eight season is nearly upon us and it’s clear that the producers are changing strategy to improve its brand image and reach a wider demographic.

Besides ditching the fast fashion brands, Love Island has partnered with Reddit, providing new access, exclusive content and a virtual ‘firepit’ for users to discuss the show.

The r/LoveIslandTV community has grown in recent years, and this will only increase this year with the new partnership. However, this is not the first time we’ve seen brands partner directly with channels. This year, TikTok partnered with the Six Nations rugby union tournament for the first time, providing a home for exclusive content.

2. Say hello to the new and improved, “Twitter Create”

After its’ initial release four years ago, Twitter Create is back with a focus on empowering digital creators to help “shape the culture”.

Twitter’s investments into the site focus on improving the experience of creating and distributing content on the platform for creators, and identifying best practices based on social media expert case studies and guidance. Twitter’s emphasis for increasing monetization opportunities for creators curtails the increased awareness of creator frustration with the platform.

Amongst the changes being discussed at Twitter, one thing is for sure- there is a desire to attract creatives to publish unique content that seeks to compete with more creative social outlets. Stay tuned…

3. Google announces new Ad tools at its Marketing Live event

Google’s newest investments for online advertisers seem to be following the trends in social. In line with the short-form video trend, Google is continuing to see success with YouTube Shorts amongst changes and new layouts for Responsive Display Ads, improved analytics, new ad testing options, and more.

4. Meta announces “Recurring Notifications” from businesses for Messenger platform

In its’ first ever ‘Conversations’ conference earlier this month, Meta announced a new messaging rule which would allow businesses to send notifications (sales, too), updates, newsletters and other content to users who allow it.

Users must opt-in for these messages, so businesses ‘can reach customers at any moment in their journey’. Businesses could really scale and look to messaging for increasing brand awareness and direct lead generation. However, businesses should be cautious in their messaging strategy, to avoid the likely potential to spam and annoy a user to the point of no return.

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