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The Download - July 14, 2022

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1.Deal is dead: Elon Musk officially backs away from Twitter takeover

After months of rumours, conversations and those bot accusations, the takeover of one of the biggest public platforms has ended. Musk filed a motion to end the $44 billion acquisition after Twitter failed to present the billionaire with data and processes for handling fake Twitter accounts and financial disclosures.

2.Amazon livestream shopping is gaining traction in key consumer markets

A surprising contender for the ‘live’ video social media phenomenon is Amazon, as the global company continues to seek to take over e-commerce.

Livestream shopping is an initiative that has already seen four live events aimed at attracting more influencers for Amazon’s own brand of fashion and accessories, as well as partner brands on Marketplace. Live online shopping sales are expected to reach $400 billion this year in China alone.

While ‘live’ broadcasts are already rocking consumer markets, will the trend reach B2B markets?

3.Collaborative Tweets: a “new way to tweet together”

Twitter’s focus on creating features emphasising ‘togetherness’, like Twitter Community, is being developed with the launch of collaborative tweets. The process includes inviting an account to contribute to a single tweet, allowing for partnerships and collaborations, like giving credit to an account for their work. The feature is still in testing mode, but more information will become available this year.

4.New Meta Foresight report delves into how the pandemic changed digital interactions

“According to the same survey, amongst 12 countries surveyed, there’s been an up to 500% increase in the number of people who use at least three digital platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.” Meta Foresight, “The Great Relationships Reset”

The report highlights key interactions on digital landscapes, like social media platforms and video interfaces. Other topics like immersive technology and video call preferences are also highlighted in the report.

5. AdWeek Webinar: “Safely Scale Your TikTok Advertising: How to Leverage New Brand Suitability Standards” |July 20th at 6 pm BST

Whether you are active on TikTok or not, ensuring your online marketing and advertising maintains safety and suitability standards is important. Register at this link: Safely Scale Your TikTok Advertising: How to Leverage New Brand Suitability Standards – 1550248 (

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