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Recognising Madano’s Hydrogen Capabilities during H2 Week

By Cameron Bradley, Account Executive, Net Zero Transition
By Cameron Bradley, Account Executive, Net Zero Transition

Through our work with companies across the hydrogen value chain, Madano is at the centre of the UK’s promising and world-leading hydrogen offer. A combination of the UK’s renewable energy potential, technical expertise, location, geological features, R&D and innovation base, and a commitment to net zero means that we are home to some of the most exciting hydrogen solutions globally.

Combine the UK’s many strengths with the potential market for low carbon hydrogen – an estimated £18.2 billion in cumulative GVA and 75,000 cumulative FTE job years by 2035 – and you have a potent mix of factors that make hydrogen one of the most promising sectors of the future.

Delivering the potential of hydrogen is about policy certainty, funding, and a broad coalition of support from government and other stakeholders. Madano knows that intelligent and creative communications are the key to these problems, with three issues making this more impactful than ever:

  1. The current political, social, and regulatory landscape is complex and ever-changing. Navigating issues such as machinery of government changes and competitive international legislation requires insight and expertise.
  2. The market for hydrogen is vast – with this opportunity comes new players who are making it more difficult to stand out.
  3. There are strong first-mover advantages to this space, and the opportunity to break through in the hydrogen economy will be much harder in a decade’s time.

Whether enhancing your corporate reputation, securing political support or policy change, applying for grant funding, or showcasing your capabilities to stakeholders, potential customers, and investors, Madano has a track record of generating tangible business outcomes through strategic and integrated communications.

Clients can count on our experience across the low-carbon infrastructure and finance landscape, hydrogen subject matter expertise and best-in-class services.

These results are underpinned by an approach firmly rooted in insights. We have developed a new hydrogen insights tool which allows us to track and model, more accurately than ever, the key issues and trends of the day. Through bespoke insights and creative flare, we help our clients in hydrogen and beyond to tell their story, make the right connections, change attitudes, and influence behaviours.

We are proud of the work Madano is doing to create the economy of tomorrow, but we see this as just the beginning. If you are on a mission to shape the future, then get in touch.

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