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Digital goes to TikTok!

By Chiara Cava, Senior Digital Executive
By Chiara Cava, Senior Digital Executive

TikTok has captured the UK's attention with over 25 million users spending an average of 94 minutes a day, it is changing the social media landscape. Our Digital Executive, Chiara, attended TikTok's Follow Me event in London to learn how the platform is leading creativity and social media trends in digital marketing. 

Here are the five key takeaways she took from the event that apply to any business: 

1. Advertising has changed- people are connecting to authenticity and cultural relevance over 'corporate' led content 

2. Businesses can curate their own community-based pages on TikTok as users want to connect with others that share their interests

3. Creators are running TikTok with their unique Point-of-Views (POVs) and formation of trends, inspiring 68% of users who use the platform

4. Keeping your videos short and sweet, with a desired length of 21-34 seconds, shows the best engagement for videos in a very competitive space, where thousands of videos are fighting for attention

5. Don't underestimate the audience on TikTok- in a survey, over 83% of users responded to content on the platform, making it one of the most-engaging platforms online! 

Watch our reel from the event here!

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