It is hard to believe that it is only in the last 10 weeks that businesses across the UK (and around the world) have been really wrapping their heads and arms around the organisational and financial crises caused by the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The pace of change is genuinely astonishing. A number of CEOs have said that they’ve made a decade of change in that 10 weeks.

Amongst a raft of UK Government measures to support business announced on 20th March, the Chancellor’s Job Retention Scheme (JRS) has been a buoyancy aid of stupendous proportions. According to recently published ONS statistics, over 20% of the UK workforce (about 8m people) may have taken furlough leave, representing an eyewatering estimated cost of £40bn+. The end date of this programme has been extended from 31st May to the end of June (so far…)

Now pages on-line and in newspapers have been written about the JRS itself, so we don’t intend to go over that ground.

However, we have given some thought to the communications challenges inside organisations as the effects of furlough unfold, Many of these challenges are found in the context of remote working and lockdown, and how they are handled has real potential for shifting public sentiment.

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