Value we add.

We focus on adding value to your organisation. We do this by providing strategic guidance grounded in sector expertise, then translating this guidance into action through insight, creativity and communication.

Guiding strategy.

Organisations thrive when the people in them, and the stakeholders and influencers around them, share a common purpose and direction.

We help our clients develop successful strategies through a unique combination of insight, creativity, and communication. As part of this process, we’ll show you how to address your challenges in today’s rapidly changing world.

But a strategy is just words on a page until your stakeholders understand and believe in it. And this is where we excel – creating clarity of purpose, together with deep-rooted engagement, trust and excitement, to inform, inspire and unite the people who matter. 

Building brands and managing reputations.

Using a range of models and approaches, we develop and protect organisational brands and reputations. We help to find and articulate the DNA of your organisation: who you are, how you think and operate, and above all how you deliver value to your stakeholders.

We also use strategic insight to develop creative, integrated communications campaigns. We’ll help you identify key influencers – those you need to target with your value proposition and narrative; and those, in turn, who can influence your target audience.

Within our practice areas, our deep understanding of markets and competitive environments is critical to building differentiated brands. Our passion and drive ensure your message gets out there – and stays there. And we understand the need to listen and create two-way stakeholder engagement.

It’s about reaching the right people through the right channels at the right time, rapidly understanding their reactions and views, and enhancing your reputation through insight and impact. 

Winning work.

Through our practice areas we provide the specialist expertise and creativity to shape competitive and investable propositions.

Our understanding of market needs means we can help you identify and engage with relevant stakeholders and funders to maximise commercial opportunities. Whether you’re bidding for contracts, developing a project, or securing a licence to operate, we can align your communications and strategy to help you achieve your objectives. We can also support acquisitions or help unlock funding to accelerate organisational growth and project development.

By looking at where and how you add value, we’ll ensure your proposition, purpose and strategy are clearly defined. Helping you reach stakeholders and investors in a coherent and compelling way; helping you win work. 

Making change happen.

Complexity and change are the norm for modern organisations. In a digitally enabled and connected world, the needs and demands of stakeholders are constantly evolving.

But as data increases in volume and intensity, businesses – which can include up to six generations of employees – struggle in the simple task of engaging with people.

We excel in creating communications to meet the needs of a diverse workforce, ensuring all your people are motivated, driven and engaged. We help you understand, prepare for, and enable programmes that embed successful transformation.

Sometimes change is planned carefully in advance. But all too often it’s driven by unforeseen issues and crises. Whatever the root cause of transformation, we deploy experienced, cross-functional teams to help deliver e ective, compelling solutions for your organisation.