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Seizing the opportunity, how turbines will form part of our COVID-19 recovery

In the UK, wind represents a success story on the path to Net-Zero and one of the greatest opportunities to reach this goal by 2050. Across Europe, wind energy now makes up 15% of the EU’s electricity. Recent months have seen a return for onshore wind being eligible to participate in CfD competitions. The growth of the floating wind market is now central to discussions as a viable alternative to conventional arrays.

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Can Technology Drive Resource Efficiency in the Post-COVID Era?

Despite the new landscape of the current COVID-19 pandemic, a silver lining has emerged to soothe the anxiety and loss that our society has experienced. The slowdown of our economy has led to benefits for our air quality, with some UK cities seeing a 60% reduction in air pollution. Environmental change will no doubt be a focal point in the coming months.

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How will COVID-19 delay development programmes?

If we think about the impact COVID-19 has had on our daily lives, most of us are now working from home, exercising outside once a day and swathes of the UK workforce is now coming to terms with the concept of furlough. But with many businesses seeking ‘business as usual’, there have been many projects that were due to go out to public consultation with the associated months of planning – leaving village halls booked for consultation events that people cannot now attend.

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