Future Mobility.

Our desire for connectivity, sustainability and convenience is fuelling intelligent and adaptive technologies and systems.

Madano provides integrated, intelligent thinking to drive change through clear insights, stakeholder management, compelling narratives and strategic positioning.

New technologies, automation and the growth of smart cities create massive opportunities. Electric vehicles, autonomous transit systems and 5G connectivity are transforming travel. But a crowded market and high speed of change is hard for society to keep pace with.

Clear communication is essential to capture public, business and government trust with a strong story that accelerates innovation, acceptance and deployment.

We cut through the noise and communicate directly to vital stakeholder audiences. We navigate regulation, investment and competitive challenges. We bring clarity, clear thinking and practical solutions.


  • Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)
  • Electric, connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Commercial transport – road, rail, shipping, aviation
  • Alternative fuels – biofuels, hydrogen, CNG
  • Smart cities