Meet the team.

Helen Brocklehurst

Research Manager​

Helen’s career has been quite varied; trying everything from fieldwork through to client-side across lots of different sectors and methodologies. She loves learning about new disease areas and therapies in healthcare. The developments in technology in the insights industry that have happened in the last decade or so have been very interesting and it is exciting to see how those change the landscape for us and our clients in future.

Helen lives with her husband and hertwo children in the Saddleworth area which is between Manchester and Huddersfield. Famous for brass bands, Whit Friday, the moors murders, cotton mills, moors fires, Annie Kenny, Paul Scholes, Kevin Sinfield, and Prof Brian Cox. And hills. Lots of hills!

“I love to read – any genre as long as it grips my imagination, but I do often find myself going back to classics. I learned to sew around five years ago, and I mostly make clothes for myself and my children; sometimes I make it up as I go along and other times, I follow a pattern or hack a pattern so it suits me better.”

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: +44 (0)20 7593 4000

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