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Google Cloud AutoML

During this week’s Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, Google laid out how it plans to democratise its machine learning tools, as well as integrating more AI capabilities throughout its cloud products. Cloud AutoML will provide developers technology that can automatically create machine learning models far quicker. It effectively extends Google’s Cloud Vision API to recognize entirely new, customized categories of images. With whispers of Google’s cloud offering being undermined by the new functionality of rivals like Amazon Web Services and the well-established Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene indicated the announcement would be a ‘key to re-engineering a business’.

Artificial Intelligence and Cancer

At the CogX AI event, held last month, a leading area of discussion was surrounding areas like diagnosis of treatment and new science findings. As reported by Forbes contributor Paul Armstrong this week, computers are fast becoming better (or are already better) at diagnosing ailments like Alzheimer’s, Pneumonia, skin cancer and eye diseases. Some medical professionals do believe AI technology could make the billions being poured in to fight the disease a thing of the pass, but we shall see what the pharma industry might have to say about that.

Met Police aims to bring AI to the forefront of security

The Evening Standard reports that £30 million could be saved and an extra 545 officers placed on the streets by adopting artificial intelligence technology. The proposed technology will offer the police capabilities to analyse huge volumes of data and cross-reference information from different databases and surveillance systems. Such advancements will reduce the current amount of time used to analyse content during investigations and potentially identify potential crimes and suspects.

A similar operation is already being carried out by New York police, who use a system to link individual officers and smartphones with live feeds from 8,000 CCTV cameras across the city. Pressure is now being placed heavily on London Mayor Sadiq Kahn to provide the necessary investment amidst increasing crime rates in London.

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