Insights and Intelligence.

With more accessible data than ever before, it can be hard to know what’s relevant to your organisation, or how best to use it. At Madano, we cut through the noise to capture those strategic insights that can make the difference for your business.

We like to look at research problems through multiple lenses. To make the most of big data, we use bespoke data science techniques to get to the insights that matter. But we know that big data alone cannot provide all the answers: we also deliver rich and innovative qualitative insights to complement and contextualise quantitative analytics.

And we’re constantly developing our own methodologies to enhance your reach and impact. Through our specialist Kiite software, for example, we provide key influencer insight, helping you find the people you need to grow your business.

The insights we generate are strategically grounded and communications focused, to provide the right insights about the right people. The result is measurable communications programmes that have a positive impact on your organisation.

Today’s communications challenges are too complex to face without the right strategic insights.


  • Stakeholder and influencer mapping
  • Narrative development and message testing
  • Understanding attitudes and behaviours
  • Brand and reputation analysis
  • Big data and social media insights
  • Market intelligence and analysis
  • Statistical modelling and segmentation
  • Measurement and evaluation strategies