The urgent need to decarbonise the global economy and reach net zero is driving governments, business, industry and consumers to think differently about energy.

In this era of market transformation and disruption, we provide specialist communications support to companies and organisations in the energy and environment sectors, with a focus on the low-carbon economy and clean energy space.

Our deep and long-standing expertise helps our clients make sense of the changes happening around them, whether that’s through tracking emerging government policy and managing media sentiment or overseeing campaign delivery and stakeholder engagement.

We bring strategic thinking and practical solutions to the most challenging communications issues, connecting our clients with the leaders in the energy space and surrounding sectors.

Through agility, insight and our expert knowledge of government and media, we create compelling narratives that help you inform, educate and mobilise support with a range of stakeholders.


Matthew Houlsby 
Head of Energy

[email protected]
+44 (0) 7551 521 350

A selection of our work

Putting York at the heart of the bioeconomy

Securing hydrogen’s pivotal role in the net zero future

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