Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has again ushered in the new year and Madano’s technology team has highlighted the products that have caught their eye. Check them out below.

Dominic Weeks, Head of Technology at Madano said:

“Having seen Samsung’s David Eun speak at Web Summit on the company’s vision that how what makes a house a home is “experiences”, it was interesting to see the unveiling of both Ballie (the rolling robot) and the Bot Chef. Ballie, a human-centric vision robot, will roll around your house responding to your every command and controlling different aspects of your smart home. For how long will we need hardware for this though? Won’t the smart home become omniscient, omnipresent, etc? Will this be the mini disc of smart home – exciting tech that was quickly made obsolete? Following a fifth straight quarter of revenue decline, the company enters 2020 optimistic about how 5G will positively impact the market for chips and handsets, but also leaning hard into smart home as a key part of the future of the company.”

Hoda Awad has highlighted a potential tool that could help those with dyslexia:

Lexilife – French company Lexilife unveiled Lexilight, a lamp that they claim is designed to make reading easier for those with dyslexia. The Lexilight uses both pulsed and modulated light, which is said to help eliminate the mirroring effect that a dyslexic person sees. Researchers have found that those with dyslexia have two dominant eyes, which simultaneously send two different pieces of information to the brain at the same time. The Lexilight eliminates this by allowing the brain to process information as if it came from one dominate eye and users are able to tweak the lamp to their preferred frequency. According to the British Dyslexia Association, around 10 per cent of the UK population are dyslexic.”

Smart mobility has been a key theme at the show, as highlighted by Madano’s Ben Gascoyne:

“There was no shortage of smart e-mobility exhibitors at CES2020 – even Sony found time to surprise attendees by announcing the ‘Vision S’ concept car that showcases their in-car entertainment, information and sensor tech.”

“As a passionate runner and cyclist, there was plenty to appreciate too. UK-based start-up Humanising Autonomy flew the flag with their excellent AI-led tools that enable autonomous vehicles to better identify, interact and protect cyclists and pedestrians, and Harman, a Samsung subsidiary with a strong interest in the automotive industry, unveiled an innovative 5G platform that uses mobile signals to warn vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians alike of each other’s presence.”

“As automakers integrate these tools into their next generation of vehicles, CES2020 hopefully shows we can look forward to safer shared roads and better public spaces.”

At an event full of gadgets and devices aimed to improve our lives, Senior Account Manager, Kelvin Morgan, has taken a different approach with his favourite takeaway (pardon the pun) from CES 2020:

“CES 2020 has come at an interesting point for the human race as well as technology. At a time when climate change is threatening our very existence, and political tensions are gripping the world, I find it hard to justify promoting a sliding toilet or a smart bin. For me brands like Impossible Foods are doing good by harnessing technology to address the problems we’re faced with head on.”

“Pork is the most consumed meat on the planet and it is great to see Impossible launch a plant-based substitute. There has been a huge rise in humans adopting a plant-based diet and the new alternatives developed with the use of science and technology may yet help us find a way to address the climate crisis now.”

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