Net-Zero Transition Case Studies

RootMetrics: Proving and communicating the importance of 5G measurement to customer, media and political stakeholders

Senior Counsel, Corporate Communications, Public & Regulatory Affairs, Market Research, Sales Support, Media Relations


Faced with new entrants using lower cost and less scientific methods for benchmarking mobile network performance, it was critical that RootMetrics built a compelling case for performance data, based on rigorous, empirical testing.


Madano developed research that interrogated user habit and perception regarding smartphone use and connectivity. We established the imperative that high-value customers attach to “always-on” connectivity and this insight became a critical component of the communications strategy. Outbound marketing and sales used these insights to focus messaging on the value of this audience, plus strategies operators could use for reaching it. External communications were orchestrated to concentrate on 5G data from RootMetrics’ early testing, of particular interest to the core “always-on” segment.


Madano worked with the team at RootMetrics to hone its materials and messaging, and secured highly valuable opportunities to position this narrative in key mainstream media, as well as important client and political stakeholder discussions.

With Madano’s help, RootMetrics has expanded its core value proposition to seize ownership of network performance in the 5G age, with direct commercial impact in both the UK and US markets.