Healthcare Case Studies

Roche: Engaging and revitalising the internal team to transform Alzheimer’s disease

Event planning, corporate communications, engagement strategy, creative development, digital, creative implementation, employee engagement


Roche has been committed to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research for many years and has an extensive clinical and diagnostic pipeline. Following a period of uncertainty and team changes, there was a need to re-engage the AD team, build confidence in the programme and strengthen collaboration between global and affiliate teams.


We were originally tasked with delivering a face-to-face meeting to inject positive energy into the internal community. Due to COVID-19, this plan was pivoted into a virtual meeting with participants from 15 time zones. Additionally, we launched a completely rebranded 60-page internal platform with a video pledge wall and shared complementary branded materials with each team member around the world.


Over 80 people attended the virtual two-day event, with 16 presentations, five videos, three external clinicians in attendance, three emailers and a team-building virtual scavenger hunt. A post-meeting survey revealed that all respondents felt the meeting was well organised and had met their expectations in terms of content.