Culture Case Study

Helping to promote a local charity-run event at Southbank Centre

Heart n Soul is a charity organisation based in south London. They are an award-winning creative community and arts charity that believes in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities.

Their vision is for a more open, creative and equal world, and they have been helping to achieve this through their unwavering support of helping change the lives of people with learning disabilities.

Madano’s CSR committee connected to the organisation to identified ways our company could help increase awareness of their organisation and garner support for the artists they work with, including the Feel-Good Designers.

Madano volunteers supported the designers for their “Mish Mash Trail” exhibition at Southbank Centre’s Children's Imagine Festival in London, from the 7th to 17th of February 2024.

Seven Madano employees across multiple practices allocated their pro-bono days to the Feel-Good Designers Imagine Festival.

Objectives for this initiative included increasing participation and engagement with the Mish Mash Trail from the local community; raising awareness of Heart n Soul among the local community and helping measure the short-and long-term impact of the communications work.

Team members focussed on increasing media awareness of the event with target audiences; highlighting the amazing artwork from the Feel-Good designers across channels with creative designs; and  setting the Heart n Soul team up for digital success by leading up-skilling sessions and trainings.

The team achieved the following working with Heart n Soul:

  • Researched and identified media outlets focussed on the Arts, Education and Disability and promoted the event to 27 outlets
  • Conducted photography sessions and interviews to develop unique and visually grasping digital assets, like carousel and video content to launch across Heart n Soul’s social media channels
  • Created a social media calendar to increase awareness of the event and an evergreen calendar using our designs for Heart n Soul to speak about the event throughout the year
  • Held workshops with the Heart n Soul communications team to up-skill them in setting up paid campaigns, audience targeting and measurement reporting

The CSR team was delighted to work with Heart n Soul and aims to collaborate again in the future.