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The challenges businesses face are always changing. At Madano we believe that the business and communication strategies to meet these challenges need to be based on fresh, insightful thinking.

In the energy sector, we’ve been conducting interviews with leading thinkers and technology experts – including former Government ministers and leading academics – to identify how innovation is changing behaviour. We’ve identified a range of competing trends that are shaping the energy sector and could affect clients’ bottom lines.

By exploring how key sectors are changing we help our clients to interpret the world around them.

Sharing our findings 

To shape and refine the tool, we’ll be publishing key findings from our research and holding events with experts throughout 2017. These will focus on three key trends identified from our expert interviews that are set to impact the energy sector.

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“Communications is going through a significant period of change...there is ever-growing demand to get the latest intelligence based on data analysis and insights.”


Traditional business models are under threat from people driven trends such as microgeneration of electricity.

Energy is becoming less national and more local as communities and individuals play a larger role.

However, advances in energy efficiency may be technocrat led rather than locally driven.

Article – Market view: The death of the energy bill

07/12/2016 Author: Gareth Morrell

The falling price of microgeneration and advances in battery technology are changing the relationship between energy suppliers and customers, says Gareth Morrell.

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“We are now reaching a stage where microgeneration technology allows me to generate my electricity in much the same way that Victorians did in the late 19th Century when they had a generator in the basement.”

Professor and former government advisor


• The future of the energy industry lies in integrated virtual power plans and grids made of everyday items like appliances as well as more sophisticated battery technology

• The market for energy in the future is likely to be based around data and services rather than kWh production and selling

• AI and data analytics are likely to drive energy savings and may step across into design and construction of factories, workplaces and homes

• Recharging may be a feature of the past as items actively recharge themselves via wireless recharging or driverless cars ensure they are plugged in when possible

Article – Goodbye kilowatt hours, hello services and data

07/12/2016 Author: Gareth Morrell

Gareth Morrell, Director of the Insights and Intelligence Practice at Madano, has been talking to leading scientists, engineers and industry experts about the future of the energy supply sector and whether there are lessons from other industries that the energy sector needs to learn fast.

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