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Can a gentle nudge improve organisational effectiveness?

The recent news that the ‘Godfather of nudge’, Richard Thaler, had been awarded a Nobel Prize for his leading work in behavioural economics prompted mixed reactions. For some, his work is the catalyst for using evidence of how people actually behave in the real world to improve policy design; others feel that at best, these improvements are simply tinkering at the margins or, at worst, reflect the social engineering of a nanny state.

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The Clean Growth Strategy: Ambitious but toothless

Everyone seems fairly excited. The long-awaited Clean Growth Strategy has finally been published, almost a year late. And it’s getting praise more often than not, with most reviews calling it “ambitious”, despite everyone’s low expectations.

It’s definitely more ambitious than Government’s previous policies in these areas, and I welcome the rather large shift in Conservative mentality from “green crap” to truly embracing the vast opportunities around clean growth.

But is it going to help us achieve what it’s hoping to, or is it just a positive direction that will end up falling flat? And is it really “ambitious” to change a ‘plan’ to a ‘strategy’ at the last minute?

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